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Health and Fitness, the Natural way


The SSY Program is a way to achieve health and happiness through self-management. What is unique about SSY is its scientific nature giving all the five levels of health to the participants. They acquire the skills to optimize their potential both at the personal and professional walks of life.

The program was developed 30 years ago by a scientist and Management expert – Shri Rishi Prabhakar Guruji – by integrating life concepts with science. This has transformed the lives of over three million people worldwide. With the universal nature of SSY, this training transcends all barriers.

Following is a snap-shot of the program:

Exercises and Postures – A stretching regime to tone up the muscles and activate the joints.

Breathing Techniques – We are how we breathe. A set of 14 different pranayams that help improve immunity and life span. The right way of breathing helps reverse chronic ailments.

Interactive sessions : - On leadership Initiatives, Community responsibility, Interpersonal relationships, Happiness and many other related concepts, to achieve the skills of self-management.

Meditation – a unique process to reset and recharge yourself for achieving a balanced state of mind, to take on higher goals in life. This helps overcome the worst impediment affecting us, Stress.

Food – We are what we eat. Participants are taken through a scientific understanding of the different types of food. During the session, specially prepared salads and delicious variety of raw foods are served, along with Herbal tea and malt fortified with natural vitamins. This helps system detoxification scientifically and energizes the body

Who can do the Program?

SSY training is not physically demanding, is easy to learn and easier to implement. Participants undergo supervised training and experience changes as they progress.


The program is structured for 2 ½ hours per day continuously for 10 days. The duration and time can be modified based on the available schedule of the participants.


Reverses chronic ailments like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Arthritis

Removes gastric issues, kidney related problems

Manages obesity, cholesterol

Improves Memory, Concentration

Cures Insomnia and stress

Participants can monitor their progress to reduce medication and see sustained results with daily practice after the program.

Founder - Guruji Shri. Rishi Prabhakar

Guruji Rishi Prabhakar is the founder of SSY. Guruji developed SSY module 30 years ago by integrating ancient concepts with science.

Guruji founded Rishi Samskruthi Vidya Kendra ( RSVK) an organization based in Bangalore, India, through which he offers life-changing programs to the community, namely Sidha Samadhi Yoga ( SSY), Advanced Meditation Course ( AMC), Bav Samadhi Training ( BST), Kaya Kalpa Kriya, 100% memory and other related programs which are actively practiced by more than 3 million participants worldwide.